Welcome to Canada Backcountry Discovery Routes (Cbdr)

It began as an idea to make a multi-day motorcycle route around my local riding area in the Okanagan Valley.

That original idea has evolved into a plan to eventually have several Cbdr style motorcycle rides under the control of a club or non-profit organization in Canada.

In the USA where the BDR concept began, the “ride” came first, and the organization followed.

So, I am going to try the same thing here, develop the rides and see if a Canadian organization will get on-board. I expect that it will take at least a year or two for a club or association to decide to get involved. But until then, the Cbdr rides will be getting ridden and support for an organization will hopefully grow.

I am a retired cartographer and I will ride, research, map and publish BDR-style rides. I plan to publish a new Cbdr each year.


I am happy to donate my labour, but I don't want to finance the entire project. So, to make this work, the Cbdrs are available at a low cost and all revenue from sales will go towards paying off the non-labour costs to create the Cbdr. In this way, the financial commitment necessary for a club to take over the project will decrease each year.


The Okanagan Cbdr is now available for phones in the Avenza app for $35 CAD.


The Garmin GPS compatible version is available on a Micro SD card also $35 CAD.


The plan is to keep doing one new Cbdr each year. Thompson - Fraser area is next. There are at least 3, and likely 4, Cbdr motorcycle rides possible in British Columbia. If this project is going to expand beyond BC, I am going to need riders to step up with ideas for more rides.