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Welcome to Canada Backroad DualSport Routes (CBDR)

The new Kootenay CBDR is now available. This is a 6 day 1508 km loop route through the fantastic Kootenays.

The NEW Okanagan CBDR "Fire Closures" Route will be available in June 2022


The original Okanagan CBDR is not available due to 3 of the 5 days affected by travel bans from the 2021 fires.

It began as an idea to make a multi-day motorcycle route around my local riding area in the Okanagan Valley.

That original idea has evolved into a plan to eventually have several CBDR style motorcycle rides under the control of a club or non-profit organization in Canada.

In the USA where the BDR concept began, the “ride” came first, and the organization followed.

So, I am going to try the same thing here, develop the rides and see if a Canadian organization will get on-board. I expect that it will take at least a year or two for a club or association to decide to get involved. But until then, the CBDR rides will be getting ridden and support for an organization will hopefully grow.

I am a retired cartographer and I will ride, research, map and publish these multi-day rides. I plan to publish a new CBDR each year.


I am happy to donate my labour, but I don't want to finance the entire project. So, to make this work, the route packages are available at a low cost and all revenue from sales will go towards paying off the non-labour costs to create and publish the CBDR. In this way, the financial commitment necessary for a club to take over the project will decrease each year.


The Kootenay CBDR is now available for phones in the Avenza app for $35 CAD.


The Kootenay CBDR for GPS is available on a Micro SD card also $35 CAD.


The plan is to keep doing one new CBDR each year. There are at least 3, and likely 4, CBDR motorcycle rides possible in British Columbia. If this project is going to expand beyond BC, I am going to need riders to step up with ideas for more rides.