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Avenza Setup

If you are new to Avenza, use this setup.
3 dot menu, go to Settings.
Display: Change BOTH  Cross Hair Color and Current     Location Color to Orange. The default Blue is not good!
Map View: Keep Screen On ( if you have a power connection to your phone)
Use Magnetic North - Off

For Course Up Map display: swipe up from bottom of page and pick Course Up.
When on the navigation page, if you pan around or touch the screen at all, be sure to tap the Crosshair Icon in the bottom left before you ride off. If you don't, the map will not pan as you ride
When you are riding the CBDR, the maps load automatically as you ride along.
There are 12 to 14 pages of Route Notes and Overview Maps that you need to load manually to read.
Go to My Maps and select Sort by Name - all the extra page names start with A. Be sure to look at the Fuel Legs and Map page.
Take a screenshot of the pages you want, then you can easily flip back to them during the day.

Kootenay Avenza Nav.jpg
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