What is a Cbdr?

Cbdr is an acronym for Canada Backcountry Discovery Route. A Cbdr is a multi-day ride along dirt and gravel back roads and forest service roads. Some paved roads are used where needed to join the route together.

Where in Canada is the Okanagan Canada Backcountry Discovery Route located?

The Okanagan Cbdr is in the interior of the province of British Columbia. 

Check out the Tourism BC site.

Kelowna video

Kelowna Map

What kind of bike do I need to ride a Cbdr?

Any road legal bike that has a reasonable amount of ground clearance and can fit DOT knobby tires will do. So pretty much any Dual Sport or Adventure bike will work.  If you  ride the Cbdr and stay in motels, you do not need to carry camping gear. You do want a reliable bike, you are going into the backcountry!

If I motel it, how long and hard are the days?

At a moderate pace you will be on the move for 6 - 8 hours each day. That time includes a short stop for lunch and a few photo ops.

How much fuel range do I need?

On the Okanagan Cbdr, the longest leg for fuel is 229 km on the Peachland to Oliver leg. If you need to, you can get fuel just 3 km off the route at Keremeos, that shortens the fuel leg to 200 km. All the other fuel legs are under 200 km. Just to be safe, when you go through a town during the day ride, fill up!

What level of rider and bike are the routes designed for?

The routes are selected to be doable by an intermediate rider on a big adventure bike. There is no single-track on the Cbdr. The Okanagan Cbdr has a short 1 km section of quad trail on Day 4. See the "Technical Section" video to decide if you want to try that section. Conditions can and will change with weather and logging activity. So every rider must make their own go no-go decisions. All day sections have an easy, often paved alternate route. You are solely responsible for your own safety and must make your own decisions to ride or not ride every inch of a Cbdr.

What about accommodation and food?

If you are staying in motels the ride works out nicely to 5 days.   Suggested Motel nights are in Kelowna, Sicamous, Sorrento, West Kelowna and Oliver. For the small towns there are close-by alternatives. Sicamous alternate is Revelstoke. Sorrento alternate is Chase. Oliver alternate is Osoyoos. Often the day route will pass through a town during the ride, so you can get food and gas during the day.

Book your motels in advance, summers can be very busy!

Can we camp along the route?

Absolutely! The "Camping Version" route navigation is setup in 7 legs based on fuel/food stops to make it easy for you to plan your days. Each leg has a Rider Notes page that gives information about route options on the leg. The navigation package also comes with two "Planning Maps" that give you an overview of the entire Cbdr. The Okanagan Cbdr also shows over 50 campsites along the ride. Most of these are free BC Forest Service Campgrounds. I have tried to mark all the "pay or commercial" campsites with a $ sign after the name. No guarantees that is perfect or complete!

Are any other routes in the works?

Yes. The Cariboo - Chilcotin area Cbdr will be next. We have done some preliminary work on it. More planning and lots of riding research will be done during the summer of 2021. 
If all goes to plan, the Cariboo - Chilcotin Cbdr will be ready for you to ride in 2022.

Why are the Canadian Cbdrs not free like the USA BDRs

The USA BDRs are funded by Touratech, KTM, and other major sponsors. Also the US RideBdr organization is a registered non-profit that holds regular fundraisers. I hope it will be possible to move ownership of the Cbdrs over to a Canadian club organization. Although I suspect that any club that takes it on will need to continue to charge something for the routes. It will be very difficult to get enough sponsor money to make and distribute Canadian BDRs for free.

In the meantime, I don't have the deep pockets of KTM or Touratech, so you riders are going to have to help with some cost recovery. I am donating my labour and all revenue from sales of the Cbdr rides will go to paying down the hard costs of developing the Cbdr rides. That will make it easier for a Canadian organization to assume ownership of the routes. Thank you for your support!!