Avenza Phone Versions

Motel stay Version - 1 gb download

The "Motel" version is organized into 5 days.

Each day's route takes you right into the motel area at the end of each day. You then select the next day's routing and it will guide you back onto the BDR.

The backroad route is the same in both versions and both versions show the campsites. The motel version is sold as a single-day per package. You can buy just 1 or 2 days if you want. You will need all 5 days to do the entire route.

Single days are $7, for all 5 days it's $35 CAD + tax.

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Avenza Phone Versions

Camping Version - 1.4 gb download

This version is organized into 7 "Fuel Legs."

With the 7 pages of "leg" info and the campsites shown along the route, it is easy to plan your days.

The backroad route is the same in both versions, but the camping version offers bypass options to avoid the cities. The access roads into the cities are shown, but they are not part of the main route. If you are a local rider, get this version. It makes a great map for ALL your local riding.

 Okanagan Cbdr Camping Version is $35 CAD + tax.

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