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Okanagan CBDR

Ride this 1300-km loop through the mountains and valleys of the Okanagan. This dualsport route is on forest service roads and twin track, with a bit of paved roads to tie them together. The valleys are a vacation mecca filled with lakes, beaches, golf courses, vineyards and orchards. Each day you will ride up into the cool air of the mountain wilderness and revel in the winding forestry roads past lakes and wildlife. No crowds up here, and at the end of the day you can camp in the wilderness or return to the comforts of civilization. The route should be doable by an intermediate rider on a full size adventure bike. Your experience may vary !!

Many riders helped out with local knowledge and generally putting up with me trying routes that did not work. So a big thank you to Alex, Pat, Ron, Ward. Lorry. Kyle and Levon.

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The Okanagan Cbdr is a loop, so start wherever you want. You can camp or Motel it.

The recommended Motel nights are in Kelowna, Sicamous, Chase, West Kelowna and Oliver.

Available for Garmin Gps or for Phone nav using the Avenza App. I do not have a Gaia compatible version.


If you camp, you decide how many days to do the 1300 km loop. Do you take it easy, or do you ride long days and do it in 4 or even 3? The ride navigation shows over 50 campgrounds along the route and the camping version shows the fuel leg distance.


It is best to ride this motorcycle loop in a counter-clockwise direction. The navigation uses directional lines which point counter-clockwise. Also going counter-clockwise also takes you up the Hedley Nickleplate Road, not down, on Day 4. The many switchbacks on this climb are more fun and safer on the way up.


The navigation runs on the free version of the Avenza phone app. Or on Garmin Gps units.
I do not have a Gaia compatible version.

All navigation lines are wide and easy to follow. 

Dark Blue lines = the main route.
Light Blue lines = alternate route.
Green lines = paved easy route.
Red lines =   more challenging route.
Gold lines =  access to campgrounds, lakes,
viewpoints, gas and food along the way.

Symbols show last gas before leaving pavement and first gas returning to pavement. The navigation is not turn by turn, you simply follow the colored line.

The phone app route is displayed on top of a good quality open-source basemap. So if you want to go exploring on your motorcycle, you will have a great overall map showing many other backroads and trails.


Phone Nav Version - 750 mb download
The phone version is organized into 5 days.
The download includes 12 pages of information including a printed map and route notes for each of the 5 days. See the Avenza Setup info here.

If you are camping you can just stay on the backroad route and stop whenever you want. If you are doing Motel stays, the route will bring you right through the towns except for Sicamous and Oliver. There is a  Gold colored access routes that you follow to those towns, then return to the CBDR in the morning.
The Phone Navigation version is $35 CAD + tax

Get it for Phone Nav

Garmin GPS Version
The GPS version is organized into 5 days.
The GPS version will be mailed to you on a Micro SD card. Put that card in your unit and restart the GPS. The mailed out package includes 12 pages of information including a printed map and route notes for each of the 5 days.
The backroad route is the same as the phone version and both versions show the campsites.
The GPS map clearly shows the routes and can be configured to display with the Backroads Map Book maps. If you are not using BRMB maps, the Micro SD card contains a topo style base map you can select for the route.
Get the Garmin GPS version 
Canadian Rider
s Order Here
USA Riders Order Here

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